Service Member*HERF Club MemberLocker MemberPremium MemberCorporate Member
Private LockerYesYesYes
Store Credit$500
Stick Discount5%10%10%10%
Box Discount10%10%10%15%15%
Accessory Discount10%10%10%10%10%
Member Only EventsYesYesYes
HERF Club CigarYesYesYes
Account Tab YesYesYes
Reserve Seats124
Reserve LoungeYes

Service Members

  • Service membership is complimentary for all active duty military, police, CHP and fire-fighters (with valid ID).
  • Service members get 10% off monthly rates of any membership level.

Larger Lockers (bottom row)

  • The larger sized bottom row of lockers cost an additional $15/month or $150/year.

Sharing Lockers

  • Prices displayed are for single members only!
  • For two or more people to share a locker, one member must sign up for a Premium membership and the additional members must sign up for a HERF membership.
  • Member benefits of the Premium member will be applied to all additional members when sharing.
  • Corporate members have the ability to share a locker at no additional charge for up to 3 people (when sharing, no additional guests may attend member events).

Member Discount Exceptions

  • Members cannot apply their standard discounts when buying cigars at events where free cigars/accessories are already included with purchase.
  • Members can either choose their member level discount at events or receive the standard event promotions for purchases.

Accounts & Held Receipts

  • Qualifying Premium and Corporate members have the ability to charge purchases to their account, and settle their balance in store up to 15 days later ($100 limit).
  • Locker members have the ability to hold payment on same day purchases and settle their balance within the same day ($50 limit).
  • Non-Members may also hold payment on same day purchases, and settle their balance within the same day, but must keep credit card and ID at register ($50 limit).

Lounge & Seat/Table Reservations

  • Premium and Corporate members may call ahead to reserve seating for themselves or their group.
  • Members may have only one outstanding seat reservation at any given time.
  • Chair reservations will not be allowed on the day of lounge events, except for Corporate members (cigar events, HERF Club, etc).
  • Corporate members may reserve the entire lounge for no charge up to one time per calendar year for up to 4 hours (date/time must be pre-approved by OCL ownership).
  • All reservations are based on availability and must be approved by OCL. Failure to show up within one hour past reservation time will result in cancellation.

Membership Price Changes

  • Membership prices will remain constant for members that stay current with their payments and grandfathered into their initial membership price.
  • Any lapse in membership or late payment may result in an increased price and voids existing rates.

What is the HERF Club?

  • The HERF Club is HERF Club and Premium Members only, which consists of a monthly “blind” cigar.