The Member Experience

Being a member at Ohlone Cigar Lounge is NOT required to use our lounge, but it will have some great benefits!

Levels and Benefits

(updated December 10, 2013)

Service HERF Locker Premium Corporate
Price Free $15/mo OR $150/yr $45/mo OR $450/yr $60/mo OR $600/yr $150/mo OR $1500/yr
Locker Yes Yes Yes
Store Credit $500 (w/year)
Box Discount 10% 10% 10% 15% 15%
Stick Discount 5% 10% 10% 10%
Accessory Discount 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%
HERF Events Yes Yes Yes
Account Tab Yes Yes
Member Events & Specials Yes Yes Yes
Reserve Seats Yes Yes
Reserve Lounge Yes

Details and Rules:

Service Members

  • Service membership is complimentary for all active duty military, police, CHP and fire-fighters (with valid ID).
  • Service members get 10% off monthly rates of any higher membership level.

Larger Lockers (bottom row)

  • The larger sized bottom row of lockers cost an additional $15/month or $150/year.

Sharing Lockers

  • Prices displayed are for single members only!
  • For two or more people to share a locker, one member must sign up for a Premium membership and the additional members must sign up for a HERF membership.
  • Member benefits of the Premium member will be applied to all additional members when sharing.
  • Corporate members have the ability to share a locker at no additional charge for up to 3 people (when sharing, no additional guests may attend member events).

Member Discount Exceptions

  • Members cannot apply their standard discounts when buying cigars at events where free cigars/accessories are already included with purchase.
  • Members can either choose their member level discount at events or receive the standard event promotions for purchases.

Accounts & Held Receipts

  • Qualifying Premium and Corporate members have the ability to charge purchases to their account, and settle their balance in store up to 15 days later (varied limits).
  • Locker members have the ability to hold payment on same day purchases and settle their balance within the same day (varied limits).
  • Non-Members may also hold payment on same day purchases, and settle their balance within the same day, but must keep credit card and ID at register (up to $100 limit).

Lounge & Seat Reservations (updated 12/10/13)

  • Premium and Corporate members may call ahead to reserve seating for themselves or their group (up to 2 seats for Premium and 4 for corperate).
  • Members may have only one outstanding seat reservation at any given time.
  • Reservations will NOT be allowed during lounge events (cigar events, HERF Club, etc).
  • Corporate members may reserve the entire lounge for no charge up to one time per calendar year for up to 4 hours (date must be pre-approved by OCL).
  • Reservations are based on availability and must be approved by OCL. Failure to show up within one hour past reservation time will result in cancellation.

Membership Price Changes

  • Membership prices will remain constant for members that stay current with their payments and grandfathered into their initial membership price.
  • Any lapse in membership or late payment may result in an increased price and voids existing rates.

What is the HERF Club?

  • The HERF Club is a monthly private event for HERF Club and Premium Members only, which consists of a monthly a blind cigar tasting.
  • HERF Club events usually take place on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6-9pm in the lounge, and closed off to non-members.

How a HERF works:

  1. A cigar is chosen by the staff (or selected customer) and the label is removed.
  2. The member will receive the cigar when they arrive (or it will be held at the store until their next visit, if they are not able to
    attend the HERF event).
  3. Using their personal OCL cigar journals (provided to members), notes are taken on the cigar. The journal provides help for a beginner to cigar tastings.
  4. Members of the HERF Club will discuss their opinions to each other and compare notes.
  5. When finished smoking, the staff will reveal the cigar to the group – along with special promotions for those seeking a few more cigars to take home!